Cloud Durability?

Cloud computing might not be able to deliver on its high-availability promises? Who would’ve thunk it?

The future is not to rely on a single entity to provide hosting, scaling, and reliability, but rather to rely on a multitude of distinct entities. That way, if one or two go down — or even if many go down — service continues uninterrupted, as if by magic.

3 Responses to “Cloud Durability?”

  1. Hello, this email was firstly posted to flud-devel mailing list, but was rejected by some rule on mailing list. Did I something wrong? Because I was not succesful on mailing list, Im posting that to blog…

    I found this interesting project before few months and Im going to make some tests on my network, but Im surprised that there is no activity until January 2008. It is in production phase or it is still under extreme development? :-)

    I think that basic idea is very good and Im interested in (I also made bachelor work about distributed systems), but it looks like project is sleeping for now.


  2. Hi Alen,

    I found Flud a very interesting idea but it seems that the project is freeze since Jan/2008. Please can you tell me how is it going and if you are still working on the development?