[flud-devel] release 0.1.0

Alen Peacock alenlpeacock at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 21:04:28 PST 2007

flud 0.1.0 is now available at http://www.flud.org/tryit.html

release notes available at http://www.flud.org/wiki/Release_Notes_0.1.0

There are 3 major improvments in this release:

1. Reputation Tracking (nodes develop affinity for reliable peers).
I'm quite pleased with this, even though it is quite rudimentary and
will need some tweaking.  You can watch nodes develop affinity for
reliable peers by storing some files, making a few nodes go away,
retrieving files, bring the unreliable nodes back online, repeat.  The
'node' command at the fludlocalclient prompt will show current trust

2. Better packaging (yum and apt repositories now available).  I'm
very happy about this as well -- it should make it much easier for you
to get the software and dependencies going forward.  Right now, the
repos only have support for Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora 6, but I will be
adding others in the next few days (Fedora 8 is next, perhaps Debian
Etch thereafter).  There are instructions for creating debs/rpms for
other distros on the download page, and I would be extremely grateful
for submissions to include in the official flud repos (with
acknowledgement/credit to anyone submitting).

3. Replaced ldpc encoder with zfec encoder, distributed as a
standalone package.  The ldpc wrappers used by flud in the past were
crufty, a bit ill-conceived, and ultimately didn't give us the type of
hard decode guarantess needed.  zfec fixes all these issues.  (note
that there is still some optimization to do in how we call zfec).

All in all, I think there's enough polish here to bump the minor
version, thus 0.1.0 (which is the third public release of flud).


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