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flŭd backs up your files to multiple remote locations using techniques that can produce the most resilient and secure backup system yet devised, for free. flŭd is experimental software.

What is flŭd?

The Attributes Page describes how flŭd backup is easy to use, free, secure, private, and virtually indestructible.

Story of a File gives a high-level overview of how a file is backed-up in the flŭd network, how it is verified, and how it is retrieved.

The Technical Page contains more details about flŭd's architecture, protocols, and trust/fairness mechanisms. Also, links to related papers and systems.

Getting Started

Download flŭd

Quick Start gives brief instructions on running flŭd.

FludFAQ Frequently asked Questions

The flud-devel Mailing List is the place to ask questions or discuss issues.

Report bugs

Developer Resources

flud-devel Mailing List

Testing Utilities

Testing with startNnodes.sh

Todo List

Open Issues

Bug Tracking

git access (was svn access, now deprecated)

Coding Conventions

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